Cardi B On Live Stream Instagram Switched Up Beyoncé’s ‘BREAK MY SOUL’ lyrics

Cardi B On Live Stream Instagram Switched Up Beyoncé’s ‘BREAK MY SOUL’ lyrics
Cardi B On Live Stream Instagram Switched Up Beyoncé’s ‘BREAK MY SOUL’ lyrics

Cardi B Switched up the lyrics in her style

Cardi B recently took to Instagram Live to have some drinks and some fun with her fans. Over 55,000 fans tuned in to Cardi B’s live stream, where she was having a pretty chill night at home. During her stream, Cardi got way into Beyonce’s ‘Break My Soul,’ singing and dancing to Beyonce’s latest hit. Cardi’s rendition was way rancher than the original, as the rapper sang about her sexual desires.
“I’m fucking with no protection/for a warm sensation/Something penetration/No masturbation yea hold up/You won’t break my hole/No, you won’t break my hole,” Cardi said during the live stream. She even ad-libbed some interesting lyrics of her own.
Beyonce recently released her first ever TikTok video. Part of it included fans dancing to the new single. Cardi B’s tipsy Instagram stream was pulled for a cameo.

When Cardi B realized that Beyonce heard her take on the song, she was quite embarrassed. Cardi took to Twitter to let the world know how she feels. In her version of the song, the lyrics were, “You won’t break my hole.”
“Beyonce Hurd me singing you won’t break my hole and now I’m embarrassed.”

There’s no word if Beyoncé felt a way about Cardi’s overly sexual rendition of “Break My Soul,” but the Bronx rapper probably has nothing to worry about, given the singer had included her in her first ever TikTok video earlier this week.
Queen Bey shared a compilation of fans dancing and voguing to her latest single, and the minute-long montage included a cameo from Cardi B singing along to the lyrics “in case you forgot how we act outside!”
This time, it appears to have been a combination of both. While Cardi B was having fun with one of her favorite new songs. She didn’t intend to have it included in an official video released by Beyonce. Fortunately, tweets won’t break Cardi’s soul.

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