A Must-have Dish For Halloween

Halloween 2022 Food
Halloween 2022 Food

Halloween 2022 is approaching, so what are you planning to cook for your whole family to enjoy? If you have no idea about Halloween dishes, then follow the article below to get more new dishes for this holiday.

Pumpkin soup

In addition to soup, pumpkin is also processed into cakes, pumpkin pies, etc.
Pumpkin lanterns are a symbol of Halloween, and this soup made from this ingredient is also an indispensable dish in the last days of October.
Roasted Pumpkin Soup - River Cruises

Apple candy

One of the customs of Halloween is handing out candy to children. Therefore, candy becomes an indispensable dish in the spooky night, especially apple candy which is loved by children.
Caramel Apples Recipe: How to Make It

Soul cake

This dish is used a lot on Halloween night. The soul cake has its roots in British custom. It is believed that when souls wake up and walk the earth on October 31, if they eat bread, they will not harm humans.
The traditional soul cake is a cookie with raisins arranged in a cross on the top.
Soul Cakes | The English Kitchen

Boxty pancakes

Boxty is an Irish potato pancake, one of the three main dishes on Halloween.
This cake consists of mashed potatoes, chopped potatoes, and potato chips. With such a blend, this dish has an eye-catching appearance without losing the traditional flavor of a real pancake.
227,043 Pancake Stock Photos and Images - 123RF


Barnbrack is a traditional Halloween cake around the world. This dish is used for dessert. So far, there is no fixed recipe, usually people use pods and dried fruits as the main ingredients for barnbrack.
A special feature of barnbrack is that inside there are always hidden objects with signs of predicting the future. The three items mixed in with the traditional barnbrack filling are a coin, a cloth, and a ring.
The coin is a symbol of money luck, the cloth represents financial hardship, and the ring predicts the love life of the recipient.
Barm brack | Tesco Real Food


Colcannon is a traditional mashed potato dish indispensable on Halloween of the people of Ireland and many countries around the world. The main ingredients of the cake are mashed potatoes, kale or cabbage, salt, pepper…
Mashed Potato and Kale - Irish Side Dish Colcannon Stock Image - Image of  dairy, pepper: 216512903

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